Organisational structure

The ACT-centre is part of the Division of Cancer Medicine, Dept of Oncology, Section for Cellular Therapy under the management of Dag Josefsen

Centre Director (Facility Manager)

Anna Pasetto


Engineer Helene Midttun

Engineer Anniken Waage Fougner

Scientific Director

Karl-Johan Malmberg  

Research and Protocol Board

An established Research and Protocol Board Board at the Dept of Oncology serves as a single point of entry for all clinical research on advanced cell therapy that want to use the services of the ACT-centre.

 Responsibilities of the Research and Protocol Board board:

  • Single point of entry for all projects
  • Prioritize what technologies should be established in the ACT-centre
  • Scientific evaluation and prioritization of protocols and projects 


  • Jon-Amund Kyte (Head of Dept of Experimental Cancer Therapy, chair)
  • Kjetil Taskén (Head of Institute for Cancer Research)
  • Karl-Johan Malmberg (Scientific Director ACT)
  • Dag Josefsen (Head of Dept of Cell Therapy)
  • Geir Tjønnfjord (Head of Dept of Hematology)

Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

An international SAB consisting of representatives with high competency on cell therapy and immune gene-therapy will be established to support the Research and Protocol board.

Steering committee

The main task of the Steering Committee is to ensure the donation from the Donor Consortium is used according to purpose and agreement. The committee consists of representatives from the OUH management, Head of Dept of Oncology, a user representative from the research environment, representative from a relevant university environment outside of Oslo, and representatives from the donor consortium. 

  • Hans Peter Bøhn, Svanhild og Arne Musts Fond, Donor consortium
  • Sigrid Bratlie, Norwegian Cancer Society, Donor consortium
  • Einar Klæboe Kristoffersen, Haukeland University Hospital, repr. university environment outside of Oslo
  • Stein Kaasa, Head of Dept of Oncology
  • Johanna Olweus, Head of Section for Cancer Immunology, Institute for Cancer Research, user repr.
  • Kjetil Taskén, Project Owner's representative and Head of Steering committe


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