Sony SH800 Cell Sorter (Montebello)


A truly easy to use cell sorter, with automatic allignment and sort parameter calibration. It is equipped with a 488nm and a 638nm laser, both have a regulated output of 15 mW. The Sony SH800 has a co-linear laser set-up with FSC, backscatter (≈SSC) and 6 fluorescence detectors. This user operated cell sorter is based on disposable sorting chips (70, 100 or 130 μm) as a combined flow cell and nozzle.

FCCF users can be trained to operate it 24/7. Contact to become a user. Booking for trained users at

Sample tubes: microtubes (0.5mL or 1.5mL),12 x 75-mm, and 15-mL tubes.
Temperature Control: cooling or warming for collection tubes and sort sample.
Collection devices:
- Two-way sorting into 12 x 75 mm, and 15 mL tubes.
- One-way sorting (including single cell) onto slides and into multiwell plates or PCR-plates.

Room: K03.080

Fee DIY sorting (1 hour minimum booking for each user):

  • Helse Sør-Øst (HSØ) users: 300 kr/h
  • Academic users outside HSØ: 450 kr/h
  • Collaboration HSØ and commercial users: 600kr/h
  • Commercial users: 900 kr/h

Fee when sorted by employees in the core facility: 

  • Helse Sør-Øst (HSØ) users: 600 kr/h
  • Academic users outside HSØ: 900 kr/h
  • Collaboration HSØ and commercial users: 1200 kr/h
  • Commercial users: 1800 kr/h


Examples of fluorochromes that can be used:

*FL 4, FL 5 and FL 6 detectors is common for blue and red laser excitation! Do not choose a staining setup that combines fluorochromes with the same emission spectra due to the co-linear laser system on this instrument.

E.g. PE-Cy7 and APC-Cy7 in the same sample. The Sony SH800 cannot separate the signal from these two!

Ask the personnel at the FCCF for help with the setup.

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