“The Prostate Biobank – a resource for urological research in Norway”

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The Department of Urology at Oslo University Hospital is the largest urological unit in Norway. Every year, above 600 men is referred to the department because of abnormal blood tests or symptoms indicating a prostatic disease and above 400 men is yearly operated by robot-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy (RALP). Half of these operations are performed at Oslo University Hospital Aker were blood samples routinely are collected. In addition to serum, plasma and DNA, the Prostate Biobank contains paraffin embedded and fresh frozen prostate specimens and RNA and protein extracted thereof. In order to secure efficient use of the biological material for research purposes, TMA (tissue micro-array) – and LMD (laser micro-dissection) –platforms is available as well as methodology to analyze RNA- and protein levels within the samples. A Radical Prostatectomy Register containing clinical information from 1200 patients makes the biobank useful for translational research.

Olov Øgren  (Institute for Cancer Research, Oslo University Hospital), Aud Svindland (Department of Pathology, The Prostate Biobank), Lars-Magne Eri (Department of Urology, Radical Prostatectomy Register), Viktor Berge (Department of Urology, Oslo University Hospital), Kristin Austlid Taskén (Institute for Cancer Research, Oslo University Hospital)


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