Scientific contributions ERS 2008

The annual decline in FEV1 is steeper if it is estimated from baseline data using cross-sectional analysis than obtained by longitudinal analysis; V. Søyseth, H. L. Johnsen, J. Kongerud


Lung function and bloodparameters among bacterial single cell protein workers exposed to endotoxins - a follow-up study; M. Skogstad, W. Eduard, L. I. B. Sikkeland, R. Oevsteboe, B. Brusletto, K. B. F. Haug, K. Heldal, J. Kongerud, P. Kierulf


The relationship between measures of obesity and arterial blood gases; A. M. Gabrielsen, J. Hjelmesæth, K. E. Viken, J. Kongerud, M. B. Lund


Small cell lung cancer (SCLC) in Norway. A population-based study; H. Rostad, A. Naalsund, T. E. Strand, S. Hummerfelt, T. Amundsen, S. L. Steinshamn


Transcatheter embolization of pulmonary arterio-venous malformations (PAVMs) - does a successful occlusion last for ever?; O. Almås, A. Naalsund, P. Giæver, G. Hafsahl, R. Andersen, E. Dorenberg


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