ERS annual congress 2019, Madrid, Spain. 28 sept-2 okt

Oral Presentation:
Determinants of cardiorespiratory fitness in young long-term survivors of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT)  Ole Henrik Myrdal, Phoi Phoi Diep, Ellen Ruud, Lorentz Brinch, Richard J. Massey, Elisabeth Edvardsen, Johny Kongerud, Liv Ingunn Bjoner Sikkeland, May Brit Lund OA3568

Obstructive airflow limitation in tunnel workers exposed to crystalline silica
Mimmi Leite, Mariann Ulvestad, Karl-Christian Nordby, Nils Petter Skaugset, May Brit Lund, Dag Gunnar Ellingsen, Bente Ulvestad OA3285

Poster discussion:
Characterization of unique pro-fibrotic T cells resident in the lungs
Liv Ingunn Bjoner Sikkeland, Shuo-Wang Qiao, Thor Ueland, Tone Sjåheim, Johny Kongerud, Øyvind Molberg, May Brit Lund, Espen Bækkevold PA2257

Survival benefit of lung transplantation for cystic fibrosis in Norway. Sharad Pathak, Michael T. Durheim, Pål L. Finstad, Are M. Holm, Inga Leuckfeld PA3364

Effect of high intensity training after lung transplantation. Mariann Ulvestad, Michael Thomas Durheim, Johny Kongerud, May Brit Lund, Elisabeth Edvardsen PA3369

Cytokine levels in crystalline silica exposed rock drillers. Dag Gunnar Ellingsen, Bente Ulvestad, May Brit Lund, Liv Ingunn Bjoner Sikkeland PA5241

Thematic poster.
A comparison of health-related quality of life in IPF and systemic sclerosis-related ILD.  Tone Sjåheim, Anna-Maria Hoffman-Vold, Tomas Mikal Eagan, Arnt-Ove Hovden, May Brit Lund, Gisle Bjerke, Trygve Müller Jonassen, Odd Erik Johansen, Michael Thomas Durheim. PA4735

Markers of asthma control - Cross-sectional data from a study in Telemark, Norway. Regine Abrahamsen, Martin Veel Svendsen, Geir Klepaker, Reidun Øvstebø, Hans Christian D Aass, Johny Kongerud, Anne Kristin Møller Fell, Nikola Zivadinovic  PA2610

Loss to five-year follow-up in the Telemark study. Nikola Zivadinovic, Regine Abrahamsen, Martin Veel Svendsen, Anne Kristin M. Fell, Johny Kongerud, Paul Henneberger PA4451

Symposium:   Ethics of lung transplantation   A. Holm (Oslo, Norway)  461

Chair:  Are Holm (Oslo, Norway)   Lung transplantation: from bench to bedside TP-27

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