ERS annual congress 2018, Paris, France. 15-19 september

Cardiopulmonary response to exercise after lung transplantation. Mariann Ulvestad, Michael Thomas Durheim, May Brit Lund, Johny Kongerud, Stian Roterud and Elisabeth Edvardsen.  PA2590

Physical activity, physical fitness and quality of life in lung transplant recipients. Elisabeth Edvardsen, Mariann Ulvestad, May Brit Lund, Johny Kongerud, Inger Lise Alteren, Hanne Flatsetøy, Vibeke Klungerbo, Stian Roterud and Michael T Durheim. PA2591 

Pulmonary function in very long-term survivors after allogeneic stem cell transplantation (aSCT) Ole Henrik Myrdal, Phoi Phoi Diep, Ellen Ruud, Johny Kongerud, Liv Ingunn Bjoner Sikkeland and May B. Lund (Oslo, Norway). PA3901

Does Body Mass Index and asthma affect work ability? Cross-sectional data from the general population in Telemark, Norway. Geir Klepaker, Martin Veel Svendsen, Jens Kristoffer Hertel, Johny Kongerud, Anne Kristin Moller Fell. PA1150

Effect of exposure to alpha-quartz on lung function in outdoor blasting crews. Mariann Ulvestad, Dag Gunnar Ellingsen, Nils Petter Skaugset, May Brit Lund and Bente Ulvestad. PA364 

Significant associations between Escape-avoidance coping and emotional distress in patients evaluated for lung transplant. Torunn Stavnes Soyseth, Mary Amanda Dew, May Brit Lund, Gro Killi Haugstad, Vidar Soyseth, Ulrik Fredrik Malt. PA2587

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