ERS annual congress 2017, Milano, Italy. 9-13 september

Post Graduate Course (PG20) Lung transplantation. Patient referral and selection. Are Holm (Oslo)

Poster Discussion. Session 183 PD. From donor lung selection and organ preservation to lung transplant outcome. Survival and lung function in double transplant recipients with cystic fibrosis. A. Holm

Oral Presentation. Session 267 OP. The ongoing struggle: insights into chronic lung allograft dysfunction (CLAD). Relation of sputum and BAL neutrophils to the development of Chronic Lung Allograft Dysfunction after lung transplantation. L. Sikkeland, M. Durheim, T. Riste, J. Kongerud, N. Alexis, A. Holm

Thematic Poster. Session 468 TP. Lung cancer: important scientific reports from endoscopists and thoracic surgeons. Long term survival after surgical resection for non-small cell lung cancer. A. Bugge


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