Scientific Contribution ERS 2016

4876 Idiopathic non-specific interstitial pneumonia (iNSIP): do the patients develop connective tissue disease (CTD) during follow-up? Janne Møller (Skanderborg, Denmark), Alan Altraja, Tone Sjåheim, Line Bille Madsen, Finn Rasmussen, Elisabeth Bendstrup

2408 Reductions in body weight and sleep apnea severity in morbidly obese subjects – Which factors contribute to improvements in lung function and blood gases? Anne Marie Gabrielsen (Skien, Norway),  Jøran Hjelmesæth, May Brit Lund, Jan Magnus Fredheim, Sverre Lehmann, Dag Hofsø

4289 Exposure to damp or mould at home in relation to respiratory symptoms and asthma in the Telemark study, Norway
Regine Abrahamsen (Skien, Norway), Martin Veel Svendsen, Paul K. Henneberger, Kjell Torén, Johny Kongerud, Anne Kristin Møller Fell

4290 Household smoking and respiratory health in Telemark, Norway – 10 years after the introduction of a smoking ban
Anne Kristin Moller Fell (Skien, Norway),  Jeong.Lim Kim, Regine Abrahamsen, Martin Veel Svendsen, Kjell Toren, Johny Kongerud, Paul Henneberger

1173 Occupational groups associated With asthma-related respiratory symptoms in a cross-sectional study from Norway
Regine Abrahamsen (Skien, Norway),  Anne Kristin Møller Fell, Martin Veel Svendsen, Kjell Torén, Paul K. Henneberger, Johny Kongerud

2027 A follow-up study of non-responders in a population-based study on respiratory health in Norway
Regine Abrahamsen (Skien, Norway), , Anne Kristin Møller Fell, Paul Henneberger, Martin Veel Svendsen, Kjell Torèn, Johny Kongerud

340 LATE-BREAKING ABSTRACT: Breathtaking jobs: Respiratory work disability by occupation in a sample from the general population in Norway Anne Kristin Moller Fell (Skien, Norway), Regine Abrahamsen, Paul K. Henneberger, Martin V. Svendsen, Kjell Torèn, Johny Kongerud

3208 Respiratory symptoms and change of workplace in the general population of Telemark, Norway
A. K. M. Fell, R. Abrahamsen, M. V. Svendsen, P. K. Henneberger, O. Espeland, K. Torén, J. S. Kongerud (Skien, Oslo, Norway; Morgantown, United States Of America; Göteborg, Sweden)

2921 Increased prevalence of asthma associated with accidental peak exposures
R. Abrahamsen, A. K. Møller Fell, P. Henneberger, M. Veel Svendsen, K. Torén, J. Kongerud (Skien, Oslo, Norway; Morgantown, United States Of America; Gothenburg, Sweden)


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