Scientific contributions ERS 2013

Bugge A, Kongerud J, Solberg S, Lund MB (Oslo, Norway)
Reduced perioperative mortality after centralization of lung cancer surgery. P446

Borander AK, Voie O, Sikkeland LIB, Sandvik L, Longva KS, Danielsen TE, Grahnstedt S, Kongerud J (Oslo, Kjeller, Gardermoen, Norway). Decline in lung function after exposure to fumes from military small arms. P1906

Abramson M, Mohebbi M, Klerk N de, Monaco A Del, Dennekamp M, Fritschi L, Kongerud J, Musk AW, Sim M (Melbourne, Perth, Australia; Oslo, Norway). The predictive value of methacholine challenge testing for respiratory symptoms and lung function in aluminium smelter workers. P997

T. Oksholm, T. Rustoen, C. Miaskowski (Oslo, Norway; San Francisco, United States Of America). Symptom occurrence in lung cancer patients prior to surgery. P1377

Press releases: Fumes from military small arms lead to decline in lung function. Monday 9 September 2013 Barcelona, Spain.

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