Scientific contributions ERS 2010

A cross-shift study of lung function, exhaled nitric oxide and inflammatory markers in blood related to exposure in Norwegian cement production workers
A. K. Møller Fell, N. Hilde, M. Skogstad, R. Øvstebø, K. C. Nordby, M. V. Svendsen, A. M. S. Trøseid, W. Eduard, J. Kongerud (Skien, Oslo, Norway)

The association between symptoms and exposure is stronger in dropouts than in non-dropouts among employees in Norwegian smelters. A five year follow-up study
V. Søyseth, H. L. Johnsen, J. Kongerud (Lørenskog, Norway)

T cell analyses in blood, BAL and induced sputum from lung transplant recipients
A. M. Holm, L. I. B. Sikkeland, T. B. Riste, M. B. Lund, O. Bjørtuft, J. Kongerud, N. Alexis (Oslo, Norway; Chapel Hill, United States Of America)

Utility of PET/CT in staging of lung cancer: Results from 245 patients
A. Bugge, A. Naalsund, A. Sundset, A. Berstad, G. Mynarek, J. G. Fjeld, J. Kongerud, M. B. Lund (Norway)

Predictors of body mass index and body fat after lung and heart transplantation
L. Forli, J. Bollerslev, S. Simonsen, G. Isaksen, K. Godang, A. Pripp, O. Bjortuft (Norway)