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Our research covers a wide range of activities reflecting the compentence areas of the department. We collaborate with many clinics and researchers both nationally and internationally, and are also involved in the education of medical doctors.

The Department of Respiratory Medicine is currently actively involved in the following research projects:

  1. Lung transplantation and inflammation
    The department is the national referral centre for transplantation in Norway and a medium-sized centre for lung transplantation by international standards. In current research projects, we prospectively collect sputum and BAL samples from the respiratory tract for immunological and molecular analysis in order to improve the understanding of disease development in lung transplanted. Moreover, in an effort to improve the availability and quality of organs for lung transplantation, we study inflammatory processes in the donor during explant procedures, relating the observations to clinical parameters in the recipient.
  2. Occupational epidemiology and inflammation
    Group leader: Johny Kongerud
    In occupational research we study health effects after exposure to bioaerosols and organic dust in several industries such as the paper industry, metal-working industry, cement industry and bioprotein industry. In these projects we visit the industry, doing exposure measurements, having respiratory questionnaires, doing spirometry and collecting samples from the respiratory tract. Then we study the health effects of the workers and combine the results with the exposure measurement. We also do in vitro and ex vivo studies using particles from these industries in order to look at the immunological activities in a controlled setting
  3. Lung cancer
    A. Investigation and selection of patients with lung cancer fit for surgery
    Lung cancer is responsible for the majority of cancer deaths in men and women in Norway, and the incidence is still increasing. Since 2005/2006 lung cancer surgery in Health Region South (1,4mill inh) has been centralized to our hospital, and the final selection of patients fit for resection has become the responsibility of our Department. A database has been constructed to follow up all patients referred for cancer treatment. Today more than 1000 patients are included.
    B. Palliative and curative treatment of tumours using laser therapy
  4. Nursing research
    In a multi centre study in collaboration with the Division of Emergencies and Critical Care at Oslo University Hospital and other hospitals in the region  we investigate the occurrence of symptom clusters in COPD. The aim is to improve the evidence basis of patient care. Also, the relationship between immune function and symptoms in COPD is studied.


See the project section for more information about the different research projects.


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