Selected publications Olweus group

Ali M, Foldvari Z, Giannakopoulou E, Böschen ML, Strønen E, Yang W, Toebes M, Schubert B, Kohlbacher O, Schumacher TN, Olweus J (2019)
Induction of neoantigen-reactive T cells from healthy donors
Nat Protoc, 14 (6), 1926-1943
DOI 10.1038/s41596-019-0170-6, PubMed 31101906 

Here we provide a protocol for high-throughput discovery of neo-antigen reactive T cells and their targets for adoptive T cell therapy and vaccine design.

Olweus J (2017)
Manufacture of CAR-T cells in the body
Nat Biotechnol35 (6)520-521
PubMed 28591119

Taraldsrud EFevang BJørgensen SF, Moltu K, Hilden VTaskén KAukrust PMyklebust JHOlweus J (2017)
Defective IL-4 signaling in T cells defines severe common variable immunodeficiency
J Autoimmun81110-119
PubMed 28476239

Strønen EToebes MKelderman Svan Buuren MMYang Wvan Rooij NDonia MBöschen MLLund-Johansen FOlweus JSchumacher TN (2016)
Targeting of cancer neoantigens with donor-derived T cell receptor repertoires
Science352 (6291)1337-41
PubMed 27198675

We show that healthy donor T cells can recognize 5-fold more mutations than tumor-infiltrating T cells from the patient, and that donor T-cell receptors can mediate efficient and specific killing of patient tumor cells harboring the relevant mutations.
Commentaries: Science. 2016;352(6291):1275-1276, and N Engl J Med. 2017;376(5):491-493, and in Mol Ther 2016 Aug;24(7):1170-3

Liaskou E, Klemsdal Henriksen EK, Holm KKaveh F, Hamm D, Fear J, Viken MKHov JRMelum E, Robins H, Olweus JKarlsen TH, Hirschfield GM (2015)
High-throughput T-cell receptor sequencing across chronic liver diseases reveals distinct disease-associated repertoires
Hepatology63 (5)1608-19
PubMed 26257205

We identify liver-infiltrating, disease-associated T cell clonotypes in two autoimmune liver diseases and in alcoholic liver disease, and evidence for antigen-driven clonal expansions.

Kolstad AKumari SWalczak MMadsbu UHagtvedt TBogsrud TVKvalheim GHolte HAurlien EDelabie JTierens AOlweus J (2014)
Sequential intranodal immunotherapy induces antitumor immunity and correlated regression of disseminated follicular lymphoma
Blood125 (1)82-9
PubMed 25293773

We demonstrate that the magnitude of anti-tumor CD8 T cell responses correlate with clinical responses to a novel immunotherapy.
Commentary in Blood 2015; 125(5) 5-7

Kumari SWälchli SFallang LEYang WLund-Johansen FSchumacher TNOlweus J (2013)
Alloreactive cytotoxic T cells provide means to decipher the immunopeptidome and reveal a plethora of tumor-associated self-epitopes
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A111 (1)403-8
PubMed 24344295

Abrahamsen IWStronen EWälchli SJohansen JNKjellevoll SKumari SKomada MGaudernack GTjonnfjord GToebes MSchumacher TNLund-Johansen FOlweus J (2010)
Targeting B cell leukemia with highly specific allogeneic T cells with a public recognition motif
Leukemia24 (11)1901-9
PubMed 20844564

Kvale EOFløisand YLund-Johansen FRollag HFarkas LGhanekar SBrandtzaeg PJahnsen FLOlweus J (2006)
Plasmacytoid DCs regulate recall responses by rapid induction of IL-10 in memory T cells
Blood109 (8)3369-76
PubMed 17158235

Kvale EØDalgaard JLund-Johansen FRollag HFarkas LMidtvedt KJahnsen FLBrinchmann JEOlweus J (2005)
CD11c+ dendritic cells and plasmacytoid DCs are activated by human cytomegalovirus and retain efficient T cell-stimulatory capability upon infection
Blood107 (5)2022-9
PubMed 16269620 

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