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Institute for Cancer Research has since its foundation in 1954 played a central role within the field of cancer research both in Norway and internationally. The Institute has seven research departments and more than 320 employees, master students included. About 70% of the employees and projects are externally funded. Read more

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Uncontrolled membrane repair causes chromosome fragmentation

Marina Vietri, first author
Marina Vietri, first author

In a recent paper in Nature Cell Biology, an international team led by scientists at Institute for Cancer Research and Institute of Basic Medical Sciences shows that uncontrolled repair of micronuclear membranes causes chromosome shattering associated with cancer.
New: The findings has also been covered by the major Norwegian popular science web site

Bicycling the whole of Norway and gathering funds for the Norwegian Cancer Society

Jarle Bruun
Jarle Bruun

Jarle Bruun, scientist from the Lothe group at the Department of Molecular Oncology, decided this summer to have an active vacation with a purpose, so he decided to bicycle the whole of Norway (up and down) to gather funds for the Norwegian Cancer Society and to inspire people to discover on their own what Norway has to offer in amazingly diverse landscapes, culture, food, and last, but not least genuinely refreshing people with fascinating stories to tell.

npj Breast Cancer article from Sørlie's research group:Basal-like DCIS may not be a precursor to basal-like invasive breast cancer

From left: Bergholtz, Lien and Sørlie
From left: Bergholtz, Lien and Sørlie

The incidence of Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS) has increased dramatically in parallel with widespread implementation of screening mammography and comprises today about 20% of newly diagnosed breast cancers. These non-invasive breast tumors are heterogeneous and many will never progress to invasive cancer.
In an article published in npj Breast Cancer 17. June 2020, Helga Bergholtz, Tonje Lien and colleagues in Therese Sørlie’s group present a comprehensive analysis of gene expression, DNA methylation and copy number data in DCIS and invasive breast cancer and found distinct molecular subtype-specific differences. 

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