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Institute for Cancer Research has since its foundation in 1954 played a central role within the field of cancer research both in Norway and internationally. The Institute has seven research departments and more than 320 employees, master students included. About 70% of the employees and projects are externally funded. Read more

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ERA PerMed grant awarded to European consortium led by Sigrid S. Skånland

Sigrid S. Skånland
Sigrid S. Skånland

A European consortium coordinated by Sigrid S. Skånland, researcher at the Department of Cancer Immunology, was awarded the ERA PerMed grant cofunded by the European Commission for their project “CLL-CLUE: Tailoring the targeted treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia”.

ERA PerMed is a new ERA-Net Cofund aiming to promote excellence and reinforce the competitiveness of European players in precision medicine. 

A novel biomedical technology that enhances half-life and mucosal delivery

Members of the Laboratory of Adaptive Immunity and Homeostasis
Members of the Laboratory of Adaptive Immunity and Homeostasis

Ideally, protein-based biologics could be given transmucosally, rather than intravenously or subcutaneously, but the efficiency of transmucosal drug uptake is poor. In addition, many protein-based biologics hamper from short plasma half-life. 

Scientists at University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital, in collaboration with international researchers in Italy, Germany and US, have developed a biomedical technology that solves these major challenges.

The 2020 Oslo University Hospital Researcher Awards to Bretthauer, Hoffmann-Vold and Kristianslund

From left: Hoffmann-Vold, Bretthauer and Kristianslund
From left: Hoffmann-Vold, Bretthauer and Kristianslund

Three Oslo University Hospital scientists have received prestigous awards for their outstanding research. The major prize - the "Excellent Researcher Award" - went to Michael Bretthauer. Anna Hoffmann-Vold and Olav Kristianslund both received the "Early Career Award".

The prize money - 300.000 and 150.000 NOK respectively - is earmarked for research activities. The awards are distributed anually in order to honour excellent scientific work. The awarding process is organized by the hospital's research committee, while an external Scientific Advisory Board has evaluated the candidates. 

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