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Institute for Cancer Research has since its foundation in 1954 played a central role within the field of cancer research both in Norway and internationally. The Institute has seven research departments and more than 320 employees, master students included. About 70% of the employees and projects are externally funded. Read more

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Ceremony Friday November 15th at 14:00:Ragnar Mørk legacy prize 2019 to Karl-Johan Malmberg

Karl-Johan Malmberg
Karl-Johan Malmberg

The prize committee for Dr. Ragnar Mørk's Prize for Excellent Cancer Research has announced that the winner of this year's prize of NOK 200.000 is Dr. Karl-Johan Malmberg at the Department of Cancer Immunology.

Malmberg receives the prize for his excellent studies of natural killer cells and their potential use in cancer immunotherapy.

The prize will be awarded on Friday 15th November at 14:00 in Seminar Rooms 1+2 in the Research building at Montebello. There will be a 30-minutes prize lecture by Malmberg, followed by a simple reception with coffee/tea, cakes and fruit.

Vessela Kristensen appointed Head of Research at the Department of Medical Genetics.

Vessela N. Kristensen
Vessela N. Kristensen

Vessela Kristensen is appointed Head of Research at the Section for Research and Development at the Department of Medical Genetics. 
During her 23 years at the Institute for Cancer research (1996-2019), she has lead multiple projects and attracted external funding for more than 40 mill. NOK leading 9 PhD students as a main supervisor. In the last 13 years (20006 - 2019) she has been professor I at Institute for clinical medicine, Campus Ahus, where she supervised additional 6 PhD students and generated external funding for 21 million NOK. "Now it is time for something new" says Vessela Kristensen.

Bridging the gap to proteomics with new high-parameter instruments at the Flow Cytometry Core Facility

Flow Cytometry Core Facility Staff
Flow Cytometry Core Facility Staff

Highly multiplexed analysis of cell suspensions or tissue sections is now available at the Institute of Cancer Research. The Flow Cytometry Core facility has recently installed a 30-parameter fluorescence flow cytometer (FACSSymphony A5) and a 135-channel mass cytometer (Helios) with a state-of-the-art tissue imager (Hyperion). The possibility of interrogating more than 20 fluorescence-markers or more than 50 metal-markers simultaneously in millions of individual cells can unveil new cell types, functions and biomarkers for all research areas. The spatial context of tissue microenvironments across complex cellular phenotypes is empowered by the imaging capability of up to 37 protein, RNA and/or DNA markers simultaneously with 1 µm resolution. You can bring archival FFPE tissue and correlate the mass cytometry imaging with all the other data collected for those patients.

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