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Institute for Cancer Research has since its foundation in 1954 played a central role within the field of cancer research both in Norway and internationally. The Institute has seven research departments and more than 320 employees, master students included. About 70% of the employees and projects are externally funded. Read more

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Spanish independent young researcher position awarded to Caroline Nunes-Xavier

Caroline Nunes-Xavier
Caroline Nunes-Xavier

Cancer researcher and scientist Caroline Nunes-Xavier from the Department of Tumor Biology at the Institute for Cancer Research (OUS) since 2013, receives a prestigious grant from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, called Contratos Miguel Servet. This is a 5-year funding for her as a young independent researcher, with a potential prolongation of 5 years and a commitment for a permanent position. 

How can researchers at UiO and OUS publish openly and free of charge?

From 1 January 2021, publicly funded research must be openly available. The Publish and Read agreements make it possible for researchers to publish openly and at the same time completely free of charge. 
The Open Access team at the University of Oslo Library answers the researchers most frequently asked questions.

Daniel Kalvø and Stine Marie Brasjø during Open Access week 2019. (Photo: Nikolai Vågnes / UiO)




Olweus interviewed by Apollon about OUTSOURCE immunotherapy project

Johanna Olweus (photo: Ola Sæther, Apollon)
Johanna Olweus (photo: Ola Sæther, Apollon)

Professor Johanna Olweus from the Department of Cancer Immunology was in 2019 awarded the ERC Consolidator Grant of 20 mill NOK for the immunotherapy project "OUTSOURCE: Outsourcing cancer immunity to healthy donors". 
The OUTSOURCE project has just started, and on that occacsion Olweus has recently been interviewed by the UiO magazine Apollon on how her group of 15 over the next five years will take their research a long step further towards the clinic, how immune cells from healthy individuals can be the new immune cure for cancer, and how this treatment can kill cancer cells without destroying neighbouring cells. 

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