Department of Immunology and Transfusion Medicine

The Department of Immunology is a combined institute at the Oslo University Hospital and The University of Oslo.
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Research groups:

Natural Killer cells
Adaptive Immunity and Homeostasis B cells and T cells in health and disease Cell Therapy
J. T. Vaage
Department head
Jan Terje Andersen B. Bogen J. Brinchmann
Norwegian Center for Stem Cell Research Lymphocytes and cancer immune surveillance Immunogenetics of autoimmune diseases Microsphere Affinity Proteomics
 Joel Glover
Director NCS
Marit Inngjerdingen Benedicte A. Lie Fritdjof Lund-Johansen
Complement  Autoimmunity and lymphoproliferative disorders Sandlie group Functional Immunogenetics
 T. E. Mollnes Ludvig A. Munthe Inger Sandlie L Sollid
 Transfusion medicine and Immuno-modulation (TRIM)  Immunology of 
multiple sclerosis
Cell Signalling Networks in Activation of Innate Immunity   
 Geir Hetland  Frode Vartdal Tuula Anneli Nyman   
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