Ludvig André Munthe
Position: Professor, MD, PhD
Phone: +47 2307 4371 / 9346 1540

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Publications 2017

Wang D, Fløisand Y, Myklebust CV, Bürgler S, Parente-Ribes A, Hofgaard PO, Bogen B, Taskén K, Tjønnfjord GE, Schjesvold F, Dalgaard J, Tveita A, Munthe LA (2017)
Autologous bone marrow Th cells can support multiple myeloma cell proliferation in vitro and in xenografted mice
Leukemia, 31 (10), 2114-2121
PubMed 28232741

Publications 2016

Szodoray P, Stanford SM, Molberg Ø, Munthe LA, Bottini N, Nakken B (2016)
T-helper signals restore B-cell receptor signaling in autoreactive anergic B cells by upregulating CD45 phosphatase activity
J Allergy Clin Immunol, 138 (3), 839-851.e8
PubMed 27056269

Publications 2015

Almåsbak H, Walseng E, Kristian A, Myhre MR, Suso EM, Munthe LA, Andersen JT, Wang MY, Kvalheim G, Gaudernack G, Kyte JA (2015)
Inclusion of an IgG1-Fc spacer abrogates efficacy of CD19 CAR T cells in a xenograft mouse model
Gene Ther, 22 (5), 391-403
PubMed 25652098

Parente-Ribes A, Skånland SS, Bürgler S, Os A, Wang D, Bogen B, Tjønnfjord GE, Taskén K, Munthe LA (2015)
Spleen tyrosine kinase inhibitors reduce CD40L-induced proliferation of chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells but not normal B cells
Haematologica, 101 (2), e59-62
PubMed 26589914

Aas-Hanssen K, Thompson KM, Bogen B, Munthe LA (2015)
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: Molecular Mimicry between Anti-dsDNA CDR3 Idiotype, Microbial and Self Peptides-As Antigens for Th Cells
Front Immunol, 6, 382
PubMed 26284067

Publications 2014

Bürgler S, Gimeno A, Parente-Ribes A, Wang D, Os A, Devereux S, Jebsen P, Bogen B, Tjønnfjord GE, Munthe LA (2014)
Chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells express CD38 in response to Th1 cell-derived IFN-γ by a T-bet-dependent mechanism
J Immunol, 194 (2), 827-35
PubMed 25505279

Etokebe GE, Bulat-Kardum L, Munthe LA, Balen S, Dembic Z (2014)
Association of variable number of tandem repeats in the coding region of the FAM46A gene, FAM46A rs11040 SNP and BAG6 rs3117582 SNP with susceptibility to tuberculosis
PLoS One, 9 (3), e91385
PubMed 24625963

Haabeth OA, Tveita AA, Fauskanger M, Schjesvold F, Lorvik KB, Hofgaard PO, Omholt H, Munthe LA, Dembic Z, Corthay A, Bogen B (2014)
How Do CD4(+) T Cells Detect and Eliminate Tumor Cells That Either Lack or Express MHC Class II Molecules?
Front Immunol, 5, 174
PubMed 24782871

Jacobsen J, Haabeth OA, Tveita AA, Schjetne KW, Munthe LA, Bogen B (2014)
Naive idiotope-specific B and T cells collaborate efficiently in the absence of dendritic cells
J Immunol, 192 (9), 4174-83
PubMed 24706724

Ruffini PA, Os A, Dolcetti R, Tjønnfjord GE, Munthe LA, Bogen B (2014)
Targeted DNA vaccines eliciting crossreactive anti-idiotypic antibody responses against human B cell malignancies in mice
J Transl Med, 12, 207
PubMed 25059102

Aas-Hanssen K, Funderud A, Thompson KM, Bogen B, Munthe LA (2014)
Idiotype-specific Th cells support oligoclonal expansion of anti-dsDNA B cells in mice with lupus
J Immunol, 193 (6), 2691-8
PubMed 25127856

Publications 2013

Os A, Bürgler S, Ribes AP, Funderud A, Wang D, Thompson KM, Tjønnfjord GE, Bogen B, Munthe LA (2013)
Chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells are activated and proliferate in response to specific T helper cells
Cell Rep, 4 (3), 566-77
PubMed 23933259

Publications 2012

Nakken B, Alex P, Munthe L, Szekanecz Z, Szodoray P (2012)
Immune-regulatory mechanisms in systemic autoimmune and rheumatic diseases
Clin Dev Immunol, 2012, 957151
PubMed 22474487

Publications 2011

Kielland A, Camassa LM, Døhlen G, Munthe LA, Blomhoff R, Amiry-Moghaddam M, Carlsen H (2011)
NF-κB activity in perinatal brain during infectious and hypoxic-ischemic insults revealed by a reporter mouse
Brain Pathol, 22 (4), 499-510
PubMed 22059637

Nakken B, Munthe LA, Konttinen YT, Sandberg AK, Szekanecz Z, Alex P, Szodoray P (2011)
B-cells and their targeting in rheumatoid arthritis--current concepts and future perspectives
Autoimmun Rev, 11 (1), 28-34
PubMed 21777703

Selmer KK, Gilfillan GD, Strømme P, Lyle R, Hughes T, Hjorthaug HS, Brandal K, Nakken S, Misceo D, Egeland T, Munthe LA, Braekken SK, Undlien DE (2011)
A mild form of Mucopolysaccharidosis IIIB diagnosed with targeted next-generation sequencing of linked genomic regions
Eur J Hum Genet, 20 (1), 58-63
PubMed 21712855

Publications 2010

Jacobsen JT, Lunde E, Sundvold-Gjerstad V, Munthe LA, Bogen B (2010)
The cellular mechanism by which complementary Id+ and anti-Id antibodies communicate: T cells integrated into idiotypic regulation
Immunol Cell Biol, 88 (5), 515-22
PubMed 20066000

Publications 2009

Holmøy T, Vartdal F, Hestvik AL, Munthe L, Bogen B (2009)
The idiotype connection: linking infection and multiple sclerosis
Trends Immunol, 31 (2), 56-62
PubMed 19962346

Zangani M, Carlsen H, Kielland A, Os A, Hauglin H, Blomhoff R, Munthe LA, Bogen B (2009)
Tracking early autoimmune disease by bioluminescent imaging of NF-kappaB activation reveals pathology in multiple organ systems
Am J Pathol, 174 (4), 1358-67
PubMed 19286564

Publications 2008

Funderud A, Aas-Hanssen K, Aksaas AK, Hafte TT, Corthay A, Munthe LA, Orstavik S, Skålhegg BS (2008)
Isoform-specific regulation of immune cell reactivity by the catalytic subunit of protein kinase A (PKA)
Cell Signal, 21 (2), 274-81
PubMed 19000925

Publications 2007

Zangani MM, Frøyland M, Qiu GY, Meza-Zepeda LA, Kutok JL, Thompson KM, Munthe LA, Bogen B (2007)
Lymphomas can develop from B cells chronically helped by idiotype-specific T cells
J Exp Med, 204 (5), 1181-91
PubMed 17485509

Publications 2006

Munthe LA (2006)
[The cow, the boy and the lymph node--immunological principles for vaccines]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 126 (19), 2532-7
PubMed 17028635

Publications 2005

Munthe LA, Corthay A, Os A, Zangani M, Bogen B (2005)
Systemic autoimmune disease caused by autoreactive B cells that receive chronic help from Ig V region-specific T cells
J Immunol, 175 (4), 2391-400
PubMed 16081810

Publications 2004

Corthay A, Lundin KU, Munthe LA, Frøyland M, Gedde-Dahl T, Dembic Z, Bogen B (2004)
Immunotherapy in multiple myeloma: Id-specific strategies suggested by studies in animal models
Cancer Immunol Immunother, 53 (9), 759-69
PubMed 15088126

Munthe LA, Os A, Zangani M, Bogen B (2004)
MHC-restricted Ig V region-driven T-B lymphocyte collaboration: B cell receptor ligation facilitates switch to IgG production
J Immunol, 172 (12), 7476-84
PubMed 15187126

Publications 2003

Lundin KU, Hofgaard PO, Omholt H, Munthe LA, Corthay A, Bogen B (2003)
Therapeutic effect of idiotype-specific CD4+ T cells against B-cell lymphoma in the absence of anti-idiotypic antibodies
Blood, 102 (2), 605-12
PubMed 12649166

Publications 2000

Bogen B, Schenck K, Munthe LA, Dembic Z (2000)
Deletion of idiotype (Id)-specific T cells in multiple myeloma
Acta Oncol, 39 (7), 783-8
PubMed 11145433

Publications 1999

Lunde E, Munthe LA, Vabø A, Sandlie I, Bogen B (1999)
Antibodies engineered with IgD specificity efficiently deliver integrated T-cell epitopes for antigen presentation by B cells
Nat Biotechnol, 17 (7), 670-5
PubMed 10404160

Munthe LA, Kyte JA, Bogen B (1999)
Resting small B cells present endogenous immunoglobulin variable-region determinants to idiotope-specific CD4(+) T cells in vivo
Eur J Immunol, 29 (12), 4043-52
PubMed 10602015

Publications 1998

Dembic Z, Munthe LA, Schenck K, Mueller C, Bogen B (1998)
Transient overexpression of CD4 enhances allelic exclusion of T-cell receptor (TCR) alpha chains and promotes positive selection of class II-restricted TCR-transgenic thymocytes
Mol Immunol, 35 (1), 23-38
PubMed 9683261

Publications 1996

Blichfeldt E, Munthe LA, Røtnes JS, Bogen B (1996)
Dual T cell receptor T cells have a decreased sensitivity to physiological ligands due to reduced density of each T cell receptor
Eur J Immunol, 26 (12), 2876-84
PubMed 8977280

Munthe LA, Blichfeldt E, Sollien A, Dembic Z, Bogen B (1996)
T cells with two Tcrbeta chains and reactivity to both MHC/idiotypic peptide and superantigen
Cell Immunol, 170 (2), 283-90
PubMed 8660828

Publications 1995

Bogen B, Munthe L, Sollien A, Hofgaard P, Omholt H, Dagnaes F, Dembic Z, Lauritzsen GF (1995)
Naive CD4+ T cells confer idiotype-specific tumor resistance in the absence of antibodies
Eur J Immunol, 25 (11), 3079-86
PubMed 7489746

Munthe LA, Sollien A, Dembic Z, Bogen B (1995)
Preferential positive selection of T lymphocytes which express two different TCR alpha chains, an endogenous and a transgenic
Scand J Immunol, 42 (6), 651-61
PubMed 8552989