What is curently part of a national technology platform, started up as a collaboration between the groups of Fodstad, Hovig and Myklebost, who submitted an application to the Norwegian Cancer Society for funding of the first 2700 genes and production of a home-made arraying robot coordinated with the group of Astrid Lægreid at the University in Trondheim (NTNU).

The robots were funded, and we got a generous 5 Mkr grant together, and could start a closely coordinated effort to establish this technology in Norway.

We got invaluable help from our scientific collaborators in the group of Paul Meltzer at the NIH National Human Genome Research Institute in Bethesda just outside Washongton DC. Later we were joined by the group of Vidar Steen at the University of Bergen, and the Norwegian Microarray Consortium was formed.

After its birth at the Department of Tumour Biology, the Microarray project was defined as an Institutional Priority Area at the Radium Hospital, which secured further critical funding and support.

From 2002 it was part of the FUGE Microarray Platform, which was extended after excellent international reviews.

We now also run the RH Microarray Core Facility (MACF) funded by the UiO/RH Research Board

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