Bato Lazarevic
Position: PhD

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Publications 2012

Lazarevic B, Hammarström C, Yang J, Ramberg H, Diep LM, Karlsen SJ, Kucuk O, Saatcioglu F, Taskèn KA, Svindland A (2012)
The effects of short-term genistein intervention on prostate biomarker expression in patients with localised prostate cancer before radical prostatectomy
Br J Nutr, 108 (12), 2138-47
PubMed 22397815

Publications 2011

Lazarevic B, Boezelijn G, Diep LM, Kvernrod K, Ogren O, Ramberg H, Moen A, Wessel N, Berg RE, Egge-Jacobsen W, Hammarstrom C, Svindland A, Kucuk O, Saatcioglu F, Taskèn KA, Karlsen SJ (2011)
Efficacy and safety of short-term genistein intervention in patients with localized prostate cancer prior to radical prostatectomy: a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind Phase 2 clinical trial
Nutr Cancer, 63 (6), 889-98
PubMed 21714686

Publications 2008

Lazarevic B, Karlsen SJ, Saatcioglu F (2008)
Genistein differentially modulates androgen-responsive gene expression and activates JNK in LNCaP cells
Oncol Rep, 19 (5), 1231-5
PubMed 18425381

Publications 1999

Liberg D, Lazarevic B, Pero RW, Leanderson T (1999)
N-substituted benzamides inhibit NFkappaB activation and induce apoptosis by separate mechanisms
Br J Cancer, 81 (6), 981-8
PubMed 10576654

Publications 1991

Rosic B, Sulovic V, Lazarevic B (1991)
[The determination of specific proteins in the biological fluids from pregnant women suffering from diabetes mellitus]
Akush Ginekol (Mosk) (2), 32-4
PubMed 1862849

Publications 1984

Lazarevic B, Katatikarn V, Marks RA (1984)
Primary squamous-cell carcinoma of the breast. Diagnosis by fine needle aspiration cytology
Acta Cytol, 28 (3), 321-4
PubMed 6587708

Publications 1983

Daniel S, Lazarevic B, Attia A (1983)
Lymphangioma of the mesentery of the jejunum: report of a case and a brief review of the literature
Am J Gastroenterol, 78 (11), 726-9
PubMed 6637962

Lazarevic B, Rodgers JB (1983)
Aspiration cytology of carcinoid tumor of the breast. A case report
Acta Cytol, 27 (3), 329-33
PubMed 6575550

Publications 1978

Lazarevic B, Garret R (1978)
Inverted papilloma and papillary transitional cell carcinoma of urinary bladder: report of four cases of inverted papilloma, one showing papillary malignant transformation and review of the literature
Cancer, 42 (4), 1904-11
PubMed 361216

Publications 1976

Buehler PK, Dailey TH, Lazarevic B (1976)
Spontaneous rupture of colic-artery aneurysms: report of two cases
Dis Colon Rectum, 19 (8), 671-4
PubMed 1086764

Publications 1974

Priebe CJ, Marsden DS, Lazarevic B (1974)
The use of 99m technetium pertechnetate to detect transplanted gastric mucosa in the dog
J Pediatr Surg, 9 (5), 605-13
PubMed 4425274

Publications 1972

Topal S, Neuwirth RS, Lazarevic B (1972)
Variations of ectopic pregnancy as seen at laparoscopy
J Reprod Med, 8 (1), 26-8
PubMed 4260585

Publications 1957

[Treatment of tuberculous meningitis without intrathecal administration of drugs]
Tuberkuloza, 9 (1), 3-18
PubMed 13468115