Acknowledgements and Terms of use

We perform proteomics analysis based on sample preparation and instrument fees.

Publishing results

We have highly qualified proteomics and bioinformatics experts in our facility. When our proteomics experts contribute with their scientific knowledge to solve the scientific questions, they should be co-authors according to the "ICMJE Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals concerning Authorship and Contributor ship".

Proteomics analysis with well-established methods and basic data analysis performed by technical staff is not enough for co-authorship. However, our existence is completely dependent on PCF visibility in scientific publications. Please acknowledge PCF services in your publication and inform us once your paper is accepted. Users of PCF-OUS should include the following text in the acknowledgements section of any manuscripts containing MS data generated at our facility:

Mass spectrometry-based proteomic analyses were performed by the Proteomics Core Facility, Department of Immunology, University of Oslo/Oslo University Hospital, which is supported by the Core Facilities program of the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority. This core facility is also a member of the National Network of Advanced Proteomics Infrastructure (NAPI), which is funded by the Research Council of Norway INFRASTRUKTUR-program (project number: 295910).

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