Research projects

  • Pediatric neurooncology (in cooperation with Depts. of Pediatrics and Oncology and Vilhelm Magnus Laboratory, OUH)
  • Craniofacial surgery (in collaboration with the Norwegian National Unit for Craniofacial Surgery, OUH)
  • CSF circulation incl. pediatric hydrocephalus, arachnoidal cysts and Chiari-malformation (in Cooperation with Neurovascular & Cerebrospinal Fluid Research Group, OUH)
  • Functional pediatric neurosurgery incl. spasticity and epileptosurgery (in cooperation with Functional Neurosurgical Research Group, OUH)  
  • Cerebrovascular neurosurgery incl. arteriovenous malformation, aneurysms, moyamoya disease 
  • Spinal dysraphism
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