Clinical studies

NAD-HD will be a double-blind randomized controlled multicenter trial investigating the effect of nicotinamide riboside supplement as a potential disease-modifying treatment in Huntington’s disease. The study has received funding and is currently in the planning stage. It will be led by PI Lasse Pihlstrøm and include partner sites from across Norway. Collaboration with patient organizations will also be central to the project.

Prospective study of parkinsonism in Oslo (PROSPOS) is a  longitudinal observational study tracking natural history, genetics, and biomarkers to understand disease mechanisms and facilitate personalized medicine in Parkinson’s disease and atypical parkinsonism, including multiple system atrophy (MSA). This study forms the basis of a number of ongoing PhD projects involving methods such as brain imaging using PET and MRI, studies of cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers, single-cell sequencing analyses and eye-tracking technology.

Enroll-HD is a global registry for Huntington’s disease including both symptomatic and presymptomatic gene carriers as well as family and community controls. Data is collected at annual visits. The study has included more than 20,000 participants worldwide. 

NOPARK is a double-blind randomized controlled trial investigating nicotinamide riboside supplement as a potential disease-modifying treatment in Parkinson’s disease. The trial is led from the Haukeland University Hospital and the NeuroSysMed center. Lasse Pihlstrøm is site-PI at Oslo University Hospital

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