Review article in Oncogene on alternative splicing in cancer


Dr. Anita Sveen and co-workers recently published a review article about alternative splicing in cancer in the journal Oncogene. In this article, an overview of known aberrant splicing events in cancer-critical genes and their potential as cancer biomarkers is given. The article also discusses cancer-associated patterns of splicing on a genome-wide scale. Furthermore, the genes encoding splicing factors are found to be enriched for cancer-critical somatic mutations and to have dysregulated expression patterns. Several novel cancer-critical splicing factors are proposed. Sveen has previously investigated the biomarker potential of aberrant splicing events in cancer (Sveen et al., Int J Cancer 2012;131:1479-85) and identified transcriptome instability, TIN, in colorectal cancer as a splicing-related molecular feature that is associated with splicing factor gene expression levels and poor patient survival (Sveen et al., Genome Med 2011;3:32 and BMC Genomics 2014;15:672). Sveen is currently a post doc in the Lothe group, working with genomics of colorectal cancer in a translational research perspective.

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