Group Achievements

Over the past 20 years..

The Taskén Group has seen growth in both size and scientific outputs since its establishment at the Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, UiO in 1997 and as part of the Biotechnology Centre of Oslo, UiO from 2003 to 2016 and in Centre for Molecular Medicine Norway (NCMM), Nordic EMBL Partnership, UiO/OUH from 2008 to 2018. Some highlights of the past 20 years include:

  • Publication of more than 200 peer-reviewed papers during this time, with over 10,000 citations
  • Over 500 pieces of press coverage about the group activities
  • Inventions leading to more than 15 patent families (5 to 25 countires) and patient applications
  • More than 25 industry collaborations
  • 29 PhD students, 27 postdoctoral researchers and 37 MSc/MD/BSc students trained in the group
  • Over 25 clinical observation studies and five clinical intervention studies completed and/or initiated
  • Protein-protein interaction studies (peptide array and Biacore), phosphoproteomics and phospho-flow, regulatory T cells, chemical biology and cancer drug sensitivity screening technologies have all been adopted.
  • With the recent move (from 2018) to the Institute for Cancer Research, Oslo University Hospital where the group has joined the Department of Cancer Immunology, we look forward to working with new people, developing new technologies and inventions, continue to do and publish good science and to train new generations of scientists.
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