Employee of the year 2021, the Institute for Cancer Research: Idun Dale Rein

Idun Dale Rein – service leader of the flow cytometry core facility - was on December 15th awarded the prize Employee of the Year 2021 from the leadership at the Institute for Cancer Research (ICR). Rein works in the Department of Core Facilities, Unit for flow cytometry. The committee describes Idun Dale Rein as a very competent and service-minded employee who helps customers with everything from choosing the right probe to experimental set-up and interpretation of data. 

Rein has over several years contributed to development of the services for flow cytometry for example by implementing a new booking system (used by all the core facilities) which has greatly reduced the administrative tasks. Rein has also been central in establishing new and advanced interpretation programs for multi-parameters experiments in flow- and mass cytometry.  

In addition, to her work at the Core Facilities, Rein has written three first-author articles and will soon defend her PhD. The experience from her own PhD work gives Rein a valuable insight into advanced flow cytometry methods like t-SNE and flowSOME and wet-lab procedures. This work has given Rein important hands-on experience in setting up research projects which is reflected in the service she provides. 

The Committee look forward to seeing how Rein will continue to develop the services provided by the Core Facilities.


Idun Dale Rein's publications

Flow Cytometry Core Facilities at Oslo University Hospital

Department of Core Facilities, Institute for Cancer Research


From the ceremony:

With Institute head Kjetil Taskén.
Receiving the award from Institute head Kjetil Taskén
With Kay Oliver Schink - winner of the Researcher of the Year Award 2021
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