Institute Seminar April 7th at 12:00 on Zoom: Asta Juzeniene, Department of Radiation Biology

Asta Juzeniene
Asta Juzeniene
The next institute seminar will be held by Asta Juzeniene from Department of Radiation Biology. 
Title of her talk:
Targeted alpha radiopharmaceuticals for the treatment of disseminated cancers
Time: Wedneday, April 7th, 12 o’clock
Place: on Zoom

Targeted alpha radiopharmaceuticals for the treatment of disseminated cancers


Targeted radionuclide therapy, also called molecular radiotherapy, is one of the most intensely developing areas in nuclear medicine. It involves alpha and beta emitting radiopharmaceuticals to target and kill cancer cells. Our goal is to develop strategies for selective treatment of wide-spread cancer metastases, the main clinical challenge in oncology, using alpha‐emitting radiopharmaceuticals under development in Norway.Novel technologies with potentially broad therapeutic applications for disseminated cancer micrometastases (prostate, osteosarcoma, breast, ovarian, multiple myeloma) will be presented in the lecture. This platform involves the targeted dual alpha therapy technology. Here, administration of the stromal bone-seeking, alpha-particle emitting radionuclide 224Ra will combat overt osteoblastic skeletal metastases. The daughter radionuclide 212Pb generated in solution from the decay-chain of 224Ra will bind to the TCMC chelator-conjugated molecular ligands; e.g. PSMA-targeting small molecular ligands (NG001, PSMA-617), bone-surface seeker (EDTMP) or tumour-associated monoclonal antibodies (TP3, cetuximab, etc.) for treatment of single tumour cells, clusters of micrometastases and even overt metastases in visceral organs and lymph nodes. Preclinical data from in vitro and in vivo models will be presented.


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