Institute Seminar March 3rd at 12:00 on zoom: Alfonso Urbanucci, Department of Tumor Biology

Alfonso Urbanucci
Alfonso Urbanucci
The next institute seminar will be held by Alfonso Urbanucci from Department of Tumor Biology.
Title: Molecular dependencies of prostate cancer for precision oncology
Time: Wednesday, March 3rd, 12 o’clock
Place: on zoom
The talk will adress two main questions:
1) Is prostate cancer resistance to targeted therapy inevitable, intrinsic, or induced?
2) Can we use RNA-based assays in precision medicine to match make patients and treatments available?


Home page of Alfonso Urbanucci's lab

Institute seminar overview spring season 2021

On behalf of the organizing commitee 2021:
Anette Weyergang
Tord Hompland
Helga B. Landsverk
Department of Radiation Biology

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