Welcome to the home page of the Genomic Regulation for Precision Cancer Medicine Lab

Alfonso UrbanucciProject group leader
Alfonso Urbanucci
Project group leader

Urbanucci's lab is researching and developing new clinical  precision medicine-based approaches to treat cancer .

We focus primarily on prostate cancer but we are also interested in breast and ovarian cancer, as well as melanoma… so if you like our projects , have questions, and interest in collaborations , or would like to do your Master Thesis with us, just contact us !

In the combined wet and dry lab located at the Norwegian Radium Hospital ( Institute for Cancer Research ), we study chromatin dynamics , gene regulation, and bromodomain-containing proteins to understand their involvement in carcinogenesis and drug resistance.

We also research new ways to enhance the effect of radiotherapy as a treatment for cancer patients thanks to a grant from the Norwegian Cancer Society .

Our precision medicine approach relies on effective patients' stratification to predict the best treatment options. 

We put patients first. that is why in this website you will find popularized information about our research.

Immunohistochemical analysis of c-Myc (pink areas) and PSA (brown areas) expression in prostate cancer specimens. Cells with high expression of c-Myc present no PSA expression, and vice versa. Image from Barfeld, Urbanucci et al. 2017