Institute seminar Wednesday September 28th at 12:00 in the Auditorium Dr. Bastian Fromm – Postdoc in Flatmark group

Bastian Fromm
Bastian Fromm

The first Institute seminar this autumn will take place Wednesday 28th of September at 12:00 in the auditorium. For this session we have the following speaker:
Dr. Bastian Fromm – Postdoc in Flatmark group at Department of Tumor Biology
Title of his talk: “TAMING THE BEAST - towards a bioinformatics tool shed for microRNA analysis in cancer”


MicroRNAs play critical roles in cancer and are among the most intensively studied molecules in the last decade. Much is known about microRNA evolution and their biogenesis but this knowledge is not systematically applied. I will present our recent efforts to curate the human microRNAOME and show a set of bioinformatics tools for the discovery, accurate annotation, curation and expression analysis of microRNAs and their isoforms that we develop for cancer researcher.


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