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At the 2010 FEBS Congress Harald Stenmark from the Centre for Cancer Biomedicine and the Institute for Cancer Research was awarded the Sir Hans Krebs Medal. This medal is awarded annually by the Federation of European Biochemical Societies for "outstanding achievements in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology or related sciences".

The winners of the Krebs medal are invited to write a review article to be published in the FEBS Journal. An illustration from the Stenmark article - entitled "How a lipid mediates tumour suppression" - has been given the front page of the December issue.

The review article describes how PtdIns3P causes tumor suppression by controlling endocytosis, autophagy and cytokinesis.

The figure illustrates three processes controlled by PtdIns3P through its effector proteins (in red types), namely endocytosis, autophagy and cytokinesis (the final stage of cell division).

Endocytosis contributes to tumour suppression through lysosomal degradation of activated growth factor receptors.

Autophagy contributes to tumour suppression by scavenging and degradation of damaged mitochondria and peroxisomes, which would otherwise cause DNA damage through production of toxic oxygen species.

Correct cytokinesis has a tumour suppressor function by preventing the development of aneuploidy.

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The Sir Hans Krebs Lecture: How a lipid mediates tumour suppression. (link to PubMed)
Delivered on 29 June 2010 at the 35th FEBS Congress in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Stenmark H.
FEBS J. 2010 Dec;277(23):4837-48.

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