Cecilie Johannessen Landmark
Position: Senior researcher, MScPharm, PhD

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Publications 2017

Baftiu A, Landmark CJ, Rusten IR, Feet SA, Johannessen SI, Larsson PG (2017)
Erratum to: Changes in utilisation of antiepileptic drugs in epilepsy and non-epilepsy disorders-A pharmacoepidemiological study and clinical implications
Eur J Clin Pharmacol, 73 (6), 791-792
PubMed 28389679

Johannessen Landmark C, Burns ML, Baftiu A, Farmen AH, Lossius MI, Johannessen SI, Tomson T (2017)
Pharmacokinetic variability of valproate in women of childbearing age
Epilepsia, 58 (10), e142-e146
PubMed 28833045

Reimers A, Berg JA, Burns ML, Landmark CJ (2017)
Harmonised reference ranges for antiepileptic drugs
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 137 (12-13), 864-865
PubMed 28655236

Svendsen T, Brodtkorb E, Baftiu A, Burns ML, Johannessen SI, Johannessen Landmark C (2017)
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Lacosamide in Norway: Focus on Pharmacokinetic Variability, Efficacy and Tolerability
Neurochem Res, 42 (7), 2077-2083
PubMed 28349359

Publications 2016

Baftiu A, Johannessen Landmark C, Rusten IR, Feet SA, Johannessen SI, Larsson PG (2016)
Changes in utilisation of antiepileptic drugs in epilepsy and non-epilepsy disorders-a pharmacoepidemiological study and clinical implications
Eur J Clin Pharmacol, 72 (10), 1245-1254
PubMed 27411937

Burns ML, Baftiu A, Opdal MS, Johannessen SI, Landmark CJ (2016)
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Clobazam and Its Metabolite-Impact of Age and Comedication on Pharmacokinetic Variability
Ther Drug Monit, 38 (3), 350-7
PubMed 26751267

Halvorsen KH, Johannessen Landmark C, Granas AG (2016)
Prevalence of Different Combinations of Antiepileptic Drugs and CNS Drugs in Elderly Home Care Service and Nursing Home Patients in Norway
Epilepsy Res Treat, 2016, 5153093
PubMed 27525114

Johannessen Landmark C, Henning O, Johannessen SI (2016)
Proconvulsant effects of antidepressants - What is the current evidence?
Epilepsy Behav, 61, 287-291
PubMed 26926001

Johannessen Landmark C, Svendsen T, Dinarevic J, Kufaas RF, Reimers A, Brodtkorb E, Baftiu A, Burns ML, Johannessen SI (2016)
The Impact of Pharmacokinetic Interactions With Eslicarbazepine Acetate Versus Oxcarbazepine and Carbamazepine in Clinical Practice
Ther Drug Monit, 38 (4), 499-505
PubMed 27414974

Landmark CJ, Johannessen SI, Tomson T (2016)
Dosing strategies for antiepileptic drugs: from a standard dose for all to individualised treatment by implementation of therapeutic drug monitoring
Epileptic Disord, 18 (4), 367-383
PubMed 27965183

Mevaag M, Henning O, Baftiu A, Granas AG, Johannessen SI, Nakken KO, Johannessen Landmark C (2016)
Discrepancies between physicians' prescriptions and patients' use of antiepileptic drugs
Acta Neurol Scand, 135 (1), 80-87
PubMed 26923477

Svendsen T, Brodtkorb E, Reimers A, Molden E, Sætre E, Johannessen SI, Johannessen Landmark C (2016)
Pharmacokinetic variability, efficacy and tolerability of eslicarbazepine acetate-A national approach to the evaluation of therapeutic drug monitoring data and clinical outcome
Epilepsy Res, 129, 125-131
PubMed 28043062

Publications 2015

Baftiu A, Johannessen Landmark C, Nikaj V, Neslein IL, Johannessen SI, Perucca E (2015)
Availability of antiepileptic drugs across Europe
Epilepsia, 56 (12), e191-7
PubMed 26477534

Beiske GA, Holmøy T, Beiske AG, Johannessen SI, Johannessen Landmark C (2015)
Antiepileptic and Antidepressive Polypharmacy in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis
Mult Scler Int, 2015, 317859
PubMed 26221541

Johannessen Landmark C, Beiske G, Baftiu A, Burns ML, Johannessen SI (2015)
Experience from therapeutic drug monitoring and gender aspects of gabapentin and pregabalin in clinical practice
Seizure, 28, 88-91
PubMed 25758302

Johannessen Landmark C, I Johannessen S (2015)
Pharmacotherapy in epilepsy - does gender affect safety?
Expert Opin Drug Saf, 15 (1), 1-4
PubMed 26650146

Publications 2013

Henning O, Baftiu A, Johannessen SI, Landmark CJ (2013)
Withdrawal of antiepileptic drugs during presurgical video-EEG monitoring: an observational study for evaluation of current practice at a referral center for epilepsy
Acta Neurol Scand, 129 (4), 243-51
PubMed 23980664

Karouni M, Henning O, Larsson PG, Johannessen SI, Johannessen Landmark C (2013)
Pharmacological treatment of psychiatric comorbidity in patients with refractory epilepsy
Epilepsy Behav, 29 (1), 77-81
PubMed 23939032

Korczyn AD, Schachter SC, Brodie MJ, Dalal SS, Engel J, Guekht A, Hecimovic H, Jerbi K, Kanner AM, Johannessen Landmark C, Mares P, Marusic P, Meletti S, Mula M, Patsalos PN, Reuber M, Ryvlin P, Štillová K, Tuchman R, Rektor I (2013)
Epilepsy, cognition, and neuropsychiatry (Epilepsy, Brain, and Mind, part 2)
Epilepsy Behav, 28 (2), 283-302
PubMed 23764496

Sørgaard G, Landmark CJ (2013)
[Electronic prescriptions and cooperation]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 133 (2), 133
PubMed 23344589

Tomson T, Landmark CJ, Battino D (2013)
Antiepileptic drug treatment in pregnancy: changes in drug disposition and their clinical implications
Epilepsia, 54 (3), 405-14
PubMed 23360413

Publications 2012

Johannessen Landmark C, Baftiu A, Tysse I, Valsø B, Larsson PG, Rytter E, Johannessen SI (2012)
Pharmacokinetic variability of four newer antiepileptic drugs, lamotrigine, levetiracetam, oxcarbazepine, and topiramate: a comparison of the impact of age and comedication
Ther Drug Monit, 34 (4), 440-5
PubMed 22777154

Johannessen Landmark C, Patsalos PN (2012)
Methodologies used to identify and characterize interactions among antiepileptic drugs
Expert Rev Clin Pharmacol, 5 (3), 281-92
PubMed 22697591

Publications 2011

Johannessen Landmark C, Johannessen SI, Tomson T (2011)
Host factors affecting antiepileptic drug delivery-pharmacokinetic variability
Adv Drug Deliv Rev, 64 (10), 896-910
PubMed 22063021

Landmark CJ, Fossmark H, Larsson PG, Rytter E, Johannessen SI (2011)
[The prescription registry and abuse of pregabalin]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 131 (3), 223
PubMed 21304565

Landmark CJ, Fossmark H, Larsson PG, Rytter E, Johannessen SI (2011)
Prescription patterns of antiepileptic drugs in patients with epilepsy in a nation-wide population
Epilepsy Res, 95 (1-2), 51-9
PubMed 21435840

Landmark CJ, Johannessen SI (2011)
Safety aspects of antiepileptic drugs--focus on pharmacovigilance
Pharmacoepidemiol Drug Saf, 21 (1), 11-20
PubMed 22069221

Landmark CJ, Larsson PG, Rytter E, Johannessen SI (2011)
[Clarification about pregabalin and the Norwegian Prescription Database]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 131 (8), 800-1
PubMed 21556068

Publications 2010

Johannessen Landmark C, Patsalos PN (2010)
Drug interactions involving the new second- and third-generation antiepileptic drugs
Expert Rev Neurother, 10 (1), 119-40
PubMed 20021326

Johannessen SI, Landmark CJ (2010)
Antiepileptic drug interactions - principles and clinical implications
Curr Neuropharmacol, 8 (3), 254-67
PubMed 21358975

Karouni M, Arulthas S, Larsson PG, Rytter E, Johannessen SI, Landmark CJ (2010)
Psychiatric comorbidity in patients with epilepsy: a population-based study
Eur J Clin Pharmacol, 66 (11), 1151-60
PubMed 20669014

Publications 2009

Johannessen Landmark C, Larsson PG, Rytter E, Johannessen SI (2009)
Antiepileptic drugs in epilepsy and other disorders--a population-based study of prescriptions
Epilepsy Res, 87 (1), 31-9
PubMed 19679449

Rytter E, Landmark CJ, Johannessen SI (2009)
Antiepileptic drug treatment of children at a referral centre for epilepsy--does admission make a difference?
Seizure, 18 (8), 573-9
PubMed 19576793

Publications 2008

Johannessen Landmark C (2008)
Antiepileptic drugs in non-epilepsy disorders: relations between mechanisms of action and clinical efficacy
CNS Drugs, 22 (1), 27-47
PubMed 18072813

Johannessen Landmark C, Johannessen SI (2008)
Pharmacological management of epilepsy: recent advances and future prospects
Drugs, 68 (14), 1925-39
PubMed 18778117

Johannessen SI, Landmark CJ (2008)
Value of therapeutic drug monitoring in epilepsy
Expert Rev Neurother, 8 (6), 929-39
PubMed 18505358

Landmark CJ, Johannessen SI (2008)
Pharmacological Management of Epilepsy Recent Advances and Future Prospects
Drugs, 68 (14), 1925-1939

Landmark CJ, Johannessen SI (2008)
Modifications of antiepileptic drugs for improved tolerability and efficacy
Perspect Medicin Chem, 2, 21-39
PubMed 19787095

Publications 2007

Landmark CJ, Rytter E, Johannessen SI (2007)
Clinical use of antiepileptic drugs at a referral centre for epilepsy
Seizure, 16 (4), 356-64
PubMed 17420145

Publications 2006

Landmark CJ (2006)
Targets for antiepileptic drugs in the synapse
Med Sci Monit, 13 (1), RA1-7
PubMed 17179916