Research Support

Research Leadership and Management

Head of Division Research: Prof. Anne Cathrine (Annetine) Staff,

The responsibility of the Head of Division Research is to – on delegated authority from the Head of Division - manage, organize, coordinate and promote good and sound research in the division, and to encourage interaction between research groups. The Head of Research is also the Chair of the Research Committee.

The Department of Research and Innovation

The Department of Research and Innovation (R&I) is led by Professor Ingvil Krarup Sørbye, and supported by the Research Coordinator Ana Lobato-Pascual

The R&I department functions as a support department for the Division’s departments, with main headquarters at Ullevål Hospital. This includes advising researchers within and outside of the organisation, research counselling for the administrative managers, research education, quality assurance of clinical studies and internal procedures, staff and support functions for the research group (human resources, economy, and administration), web editing for The Research Handbook (Oslo University Hospital), as well as maintaining web pages for research activities.

The R&I department manages the Division’s Clinical Trials Unit. The Unit carries out diverse clinical studies, from academic to industry sponsored. This is an important resource for both the Division of Obstetrics and Gynaecology departments and research groups. The Unit comprises a research coordinator, study nurses, and study coordinators who closely collaborate with Principal Investigators, Sponsor, Clinical Research Organisations and Inven2. The unit manages the clinical studies from before execution to completion and archiving.

From left: Marit F Killengreen (Study Coordinator), Ana Lobato (Research Coordinator), Ingvil K Sørbye (Head of R&I), Vusala Shirinova (Study Coordinator) and Amyla Abueg (Study Nurse).


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