Research Committee 2022-2024

The Research Committee is an advisory body for the Head of Division concerning research related questions, and is chaired by the Head of Research of the Division. The members of the committee are appointed by the Head of Division every third year.

Members are employees at UiO/OUS:

1. Annetine Staff (Head of Division Research, Head of Research Group RESCOG, Professor I)

2. Anne Flem Jacobsen (Professor II, Senior Physician)

3. Siri Vangen (Professor II, Head of the Norwegian Research Centre for Women’s Health)

4. Rune Svenningsen (Professor II, Senior Physician)

5. Peter Fedorcsak (Professor II, Head of Department Reproductive Medicine, Research Group Leader Reproductive Medicine)

6. Ingvil Krarup Sørbye (Professor II, Head of R&I Department, Senior Physician)

7. Katariina Laine (Associate Professor II, Senior Researcher)

8. Trond Melbye Michelsen (Professor II, Senior physician, Head of Research Group Maternal-Fetal Interactions)

9. Vasilis Sitras (Head of the Department of Fetal Medicine, Senior Physician)

10. Åsa Waldum (Postdoctoral Fellow, Midwife)

11. Marianne Omtvedt (PhD student, Head of Section of Trainee Physicians , Physician)

Mandate for the committee (PDF, in Norwegian only): 
Handlingsplan forskning KVI OUS 2021-2025 VEDTATT av klinikkleder 24 juni 2021.pdf (

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