SARS-CoV-2 Immune KTx-study

To evaluate the immune response following COVID-19 vaccination in kidney transplant recipients.

Following kidney transplantation the recipients are in need of life-long immunosuppressive medication. This affects the immune systems possibility to “fight” infections and to produce an adequate response on commonly used vaccines. It is known that kidney transplant recipient have a high morbidity and mortality if infected with SARS-CoV2.

In the original publications on mRNA vaccines there were no immunocompromised patients included. It is therefore unknown whether this type of vaccines will produce warranted «protection» in immune-compromised patients.

Kidney transplant recipients with a stable graft function (s-creatinine < 200 µmol/L) currently being followed at OUS and wanting to be vaccinated will be offered participation. All vaccines will be given by the local vaccine offices.

Included patients will take blood-test before vaccination (base-line), 1 week and 4-6 weeks after 2ed vaccination. The study will evaluate immunity prior to and immune response towards SARS-CoV2 virus following vaccination. Specific focus will be on cytokines, T- and B- cell response following vaccination. Depending on outcome some participants may be followed for 2 years post vaccination.

We will be particularly interested in vaccine-response linked toward grade of immunosuppression.

As a control group we will recruit healthy voluntaries working at OUS wanting to be vaccinated.

Project leader:

Karsten Midtvedt

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