Influence of the COVID-19 pandemic on women with gynecological cancer

The primary aim of the study is to explore if and how the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced referral patterns for women with gynecologic malignancies in the South Eastern Health Region of Norway, and if this has impacted oncologic outcomes. The Department of Gynecologic Oncology at Oslo University Hospital (Radium Hospital) is a tertiary referral center for the health region. All women with gynecologic malignancies requiring therapy beyond that offered at a local level are referred to our department for treatment. We will explore referral patterns 12 months prior to and 12 months after the pandemic. Stage at time of referral, choice of therapy: surgery versus medical, curative versus palliative will be noted as well as any stage migration or loss of prognosis. Patients will be stratified by type of gynecologic malignancy (ovarian/endometrial/cervical/vulvar).   

Project leader:

Ane Gerda Z Eriksson

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