COVID-19 in the EUSTAR cohort of systemic sclerosis

Systemic sclerosis (SSc) is a complex, devastating, multiorgan inflammatory orphan disease affecting the immune system, the microvascular system and the connective tissue. The EUSTAR (“EUropean Scleroderma Trial and Research”) group is an international scleroderma research network to coordinate and focus research activities. The project has so far reached a unique size for a rare disease having included more than 17000 SSc patients prospectively followed in more than 238 centres. It is unknown how COVID-19 infections will influence patients with SSc and it is of high interest for the patients and the community of experts to gain as much as possible insight. An extra module including data regarding COVID-19 was therefore established at the Oslo University Hospital under the lead of the EUSTAR steering committee. The registry is open for all to register patients with SSc and COVID-19.

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