Prehospital treatment of "silent hypoxia" in young patients COVID-19 

In connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, we in the Air Ambulance Department at OUS have seen several examples of young patients with COVID-19 suffering from severe oxygenation failure without any special symptoms, before they end up in a situation with life-threatening oxygenation failure. We have also seen examples of such patients having been monitored by other health care professionals without the severity being recognized.

With this study, we want to focus on this issue and describe our experiences with treating this patient group. We are planning this as a "case series". The relevant cases are chosen based on discussions in our professional environment. Three to four patients will be included. The patient, or the person next of kin, if the patient is not consent competent, will be asked if they accept the invitation to participate. The therapists for the relevant cases will use data from the Air Ambulance Department's own medical record system, as well as from the hospital's EPJ (DIPS). On this background, an anonymous medical history will be summarized. No data is available to anyone other than the therapist prior to anonymization.

Project leader:

Jostein Skjalg Hagemo

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