Psychological distress and Coping in Psychiatric Patients during COVID-19 pandemic (PsyCo-COVID-19): A cross-sectional study at Oslo University Hospital

This is a cross-sectional study where we will look at the impact of the corona crisis on psychiatric patients who are either admitted or undergoing outpatient treatment. All patients over the age of 18 who receive treatment at the Division of Mental Health and Addiction at Oslo University Hospital are recruited to participate in this study. Patients receive thorough information by reading the consent form before they can participate. They can respond either via a paper version or an online version, using web form. The responses from the web form will be stored at the Sensitive Data Services (TSD) at UiO. The purpose of this scientific study is to learn more about how our mental health patients have experienced and coped with the corona situation. We hypothesize that different patient groups have experienced and handled this crisis differently. Social isolation, worries about getting sick, problems with work or finances related to the corona crisis can affect mental health. In the questionnaire, there are questions that map background information such as work situation, quality of life, and mental symptoms, stress, sleep problems, alcohol habits and the like. We also ask about how they have mastered difficult situations. All de-identified information will be processed without a name and birth number or directly recognizable information. Patients can withdraw from the study at any time. It is Oslo University Hospital and the University of Oslo that are responsible for the study.

Project leader:

Suraj Bahadur Thapa

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