COVID-19 Public Response and Rapid-Cycle Re-Implementation of Activities

This project aims at disentangling the following two overarching and important questions related to the current COVID -19 pandemic:

1. What are the implications of the decisions by authorities in Norway during the COVID-19 pandemic in Norway
2. How can we rapidly and safely re-open important public activities without increasing risk of disease?

Working packages 1 will answer question 1 by:
• Real-time analysis of the events as they are unfolding by feeling the pulse of the population through group interviews and questionnaires during the outbreak to understand fears, trust, and opinions.
• Estimate effects of these measures on health outcomes in the population by linkage to Norwegian registries after the outbreak

Working packages 2 will answer question 2 by:
• Rapid-cycle randomized testing of re-opening training facilities at Studentsamskipnaden i Oslo with close monitoring of disease activity. We will find the safest and fasted way to relieve society from the burden of restrictive COVID-19 measures. Our aim is to provide the public and decision makers with high-quality, evidence-based real-time advice on the most crucial decisions they will need to make during and after the COVID-19 outbreak.

Link to website for the study (in Norwegian):
Om Trainstudien
"Du liker å trene. Vi liker å forske. I TRAiN-studien vil vi undersøke hvor trygt det er å åpne treningssentrene igjen etter at de har vært stengt på grunn av koronaviruset. Når vi samarbeider, finner vi svar!"

Project leader:

Mette Kalager

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