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Randomization under a pandemic – is it possible? Methodological challenges and solutions

Related publications:

Valberg et al. Letter to the editor regarding “Covid-19 transmission in fitness centers in Norway - a randomized trial”. BMC Public Health, 2022.

Valberg et al. Innlegg: Treningssenterstudien er uegnet som beslutningsgrunnlag. Dagens Næringsliv, 2020.

Stensrud and Gran. Randomisering under en pandemic. Tidskriftet Den Norske Legeforening, 2020.

Gran and Stensrud. Ulike typer interferens i randomiserte studier. Tidskriftet Den Norske Legeforening, 2022. 

EU-SolidAct within EU-RESPONSE:
SolidAct - a pan-European platform for pandemic research and preparedness

EU-SolidAct home page

Related publications:

Terzić et al. Implementation of a Centralised Pharmacovigilance System in Academic Pan-European Clinical Trials: Experience from EU-Response and Conect4Children Consortia. British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 2023.

EU-Response investigators group et al. Accelerating clinical trial implementation in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic: challenges, lessons learned and recommendations from DisCoVeRy and the EU-SolidAct EU response group. Clinical Microbiology and Infection, 2022.

Nor-Solidarity: multicenter trial on the efficacy of different anti-viral drugs in SARS CoV-2 infected patients

Project summary

Related publications:

Trøseid et al. Efficacy and safety of baricitinib in hospitalized adults with severe or critical COVID-19 (Bari-SolidAct): a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled phase 3 trial. BMC Critial Care, 2023. 

Barratt-Due et al. Evaluation of the Effects of Remdesivir and Hydroxychloroquine on Viral Clearance in COVID-19. Annals of Internal Medicine, 2021.

Kåsine et al. Neutrophil count predicts clinical outcome in hospitalized COVID-19 patients: Results from the NOR-Solidarity trial. Journal of Internal Medicine, 2021.

Lerum et al. Persistent pulmonary pathology after COVID-19 is associated with high viral load, weak antibody response, and high levels of matrix metalloproteinase-9. Scientific Reports, 2021.

The SURfit Study: Effect of physical activity on cardiovascular health, physical activity, physical fitness, bone health and psychosocial health among adult survivors of childhood cancer

About the project

Related publications:

Jung et al. Effect of a physical activity intervention on lower body bone health in childhood cancer survivors: A randomized controlled trial (SURfit). International Journal of Cancer, 2023. 

Rueegg et al. A partially supervised physical activity program for adult and adolescent survivors of childhood cancer (SURfit): study design of a randomized controlled trial [NCT02730767]. BMC Cancer, 2017.

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