The NOR Solidarity multicenter trial on the efficacy of different anti-viral drugs in SARS CoV-2 infected patients

COVID-19 infection is likely to develop into a pandemic with expected accompanying high morbidity and mortality. This is also likely to apply to Norway. Through this exploratory prospective multicenter study, we wish to study the efficacy of Remdesivir in critically ill patients with detected COVID 19 who develop respiratory failure and need intubation and mechanical ventilation. Patients eligible for inclusion will be randomized to a Remdesivir treatment group or a control group (not a placebo). In addition, both groups will receive all the usual treatment offered by Norwegian intensive care units. The primary endpoint of the study is 28-day mortality. Secondary endpoints include respiratory time, intensive days, organ failure, co-infections, and follow-up after 3 months. Additional blood tests are taken for analysis of a wide range of inflammation markers, endothelial injury markers, plate activation and inoculation of COVID-19 in peripheral blood, lower respiratory tract and nasopharynx.

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