Frank-David Øhrn

  • Consultant orthopaedic surgeon, Kristiansund hospital; PhD MD
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Frank-David Øhrn

MD, Sykehuset i Kristiansund, Herman Døhlens vei 1, 6508 Kristiansund

Frank-David Øhrn is currently working as a consultant Orthopaedical Surgeon in Kristiansund, with special interest in knee surgery and arthroscopic shoulder surgery including ACL reconstruction, total-and partial knee replacement, knee revision surgery, rotator cuff-and labrum surgery etc. He is now an associated member of CIRRO and participating in a new study which a part of will constitute his PhD.


Professional experience

2010-2014 Consultant Orthopaedical Surgeon in Kristiansund Hospital

2011-1013 Medical Leader of the Department of Surgery in Kristiansund Hospital

2008-2010 Registrar in the Orthopaedical Department, St. Olavs Hospital, Trondheim

2002-2008 Registrar in the Surgical/Orthopaedical Department, Kristiansund Hospital

2002 Military Service as a medical doctor in the Norwegian Northern Coastguard 

2000-2002 Internship in Kristiansund Hospital and Smøla Municipality

1999-2000 Registrar in Akuttinstitusjonen Ullevål, Ullevål Hospital, Oslo

1992-1993 Assistant at the Norwegian Radium Hospital 


1993-1999 Medical School at the University of Oslo, Norway

1991-1992 NTNU, Trondheim, Chemistry

1988-1991 Christian August Gymnasium, Halden

Civil Status

Married, 3 children


“In vivo kinematics and performance of contemporary knee arthroplasty”


Total joint replacement is an efficient treatment of osteoarthritis in hips and knees, both with excellent implant survivorship. However, patient satisfaction of TKR is inferior to THR. A possible cause of this is the unnatural knee kinematics after TKR. In this study we will analyze in vivo kinematics and stability of knee implants of several designs, including the GMK Sphere (Metaxa), Vanguard XP (Biomet), NexGen CR (Zimmer) and Oxford Partial Knee (Biomet). 


  • Dynamic (with video fluoroscopy) and static RSA
  • CT and conventional X-ray
  • Clinical follow up including KSS and KOOS

Primary Objective

Evaluate the in vivo kinematics of the implants using dynamic RSA.

Secondary Objective

Evaluate the early fixation of polyethylene wear of the two contemporary arthroplasties using static RSA.

Planned studies

  1. Comparison of in vivo kinematics of Acl sacrificing vs medially stabilized arthroplasty (NexGen CR vs GMK Sphere)
  2. Comparison of in vivo kinematics of unicondylar vs bicruciate  retaining arthroplasty (Oxford vs Vanguard XP)
  3. Assessment of time change of in vivo kinematics from 6 months to 2 years
  4. Evaluation of early migration of bicruciate-retaining arthroplasty as a predictor of long time survivorship
  5. Evaluation of early migration and volumetric wear of medially stabilized arthroplasty as a predictor of long time survivorship.
  6. Comparison of accuracy and precision of conventional model-based RSA and beads-based RSA

Co workers 

Masako Tsukanaka

Justin van Leeuven

Stephan Røhrl


Stephan Røhrl

Øystein B. Lian


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