Congratulations Alexander Nilsskog Fraser

We congratulate Alexander Nilsskog Fraser with his exellent desertation on his thesis:

“Reverse total shoulder arthroplasty in the operative treatment of displaced proximal humeral fractures” for the degree of PhD (Philosophiae Doctor). 

He also had a very nice triallecture on the topic:

“Limitations of current methods in orthopaedic research and how they might be solved”

Many thanks to the committee:

First opponent: Consultant Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeon, Simon Lambert, University College London Hospital, UK

Second opponent: Orthopaedic Surgeon/Ass. Professor Theis Muncholm Thillemann, Aarhus Universitetshospital, Denmark

Third member and chair of the evaluation committee: Professor Inger Holm, Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo

Professor II, Anne Eskild, University of Oslo, chair of the defence. 

Congratulation Peder Svenkerud Thoen

Congratulations Frank David Øhrn

We congratulate Frank-David Øhrn at the FAculty of medicine and healthsciense, NTNU, on his exellent defence

on the thesis: ”Contemporary total knee arthroplasty: Designs and surgical methods”.

The public defence took place at Kristiansund hospital april the 08th, 2022.

The trial lecture:

”Perioperative complications in total knee replacement surgery – incidence, causes, treatment, results and prevention”

Many thanks to the committee for a fantastic job and for a very interesting talk during the desertation:

1. Opponent Professor Rob GHH Nelissen, Leiden University Medical Center.

2. Opponent ass.Prof. Mona Badawy, Kysthospitalet i Hagavik, Helse Bergen. 

Kommittee leader: ass.Prof. Arne Seternes, NTNU.

His supervisors has been: Stephan Maximillian Röhrl, Oslo universitetssykehus HF, og førsteamanuensis Øystein Bjerkestrand Lian, NTNU.