Jichuan Wang

Position: Medical student

Phone:+86 1348767967


Student at Cirro: Nov- Dec 2012


Personal information



First name(s) / Surname(s)





Musculokeletal Tumor Center, People`s Hospital Peking University                            

11 Xizhimen South, street, 100 041 Beijing, China


+86 10 8832 6150


+86 13488767967









Work experience





Jul 2012 ~

Occupation or position held

Resident Surgeon / Master of Medicine (Surgery)

Main activities and responsibilities

-          Treating patients with musculoskeletal disease.

-          Performing operations as the 1st or 2nd assistant to the senior surgeons.

-          Advanced knowledge of clinical medicine including orthopaedic surgery and musculoskeletal disease.

-          Study design for medical research, especially in musculoskeletal disease.

-          Academic writing and presentations skills.

Name and address of employer

    Musculokeletal Tumor Center, People`s Hospital Peking University



Education and training





Sep 2007 ~ Jul 2012

Title of qualification awarded

Bachelor of Medicine

Principal subjects/occupational skills covered

-          Advanced knowledge of clinical medicine including surgery.

-          Knowledge of basic medicine, e.g. physiology, pathology, molecular biochemistry.

-         Knowledge of clinical medicine, e.g. internal medicine, surgery, radiology.

-         Basic experimental skills, e.g. ELISA, Western blot, PCR, etc.

Name and type of organisation providing education and training

   Health Science Center, Peking University, Beijing, China







Foreign languages

Fluent user in English: (IELTS:7)





Ongoing project

   -         Retrospective study on post-operative function, complications and failure factors in 768 patients with tumor-knee prosthesis replacement.




   -        First-calss Scholarship, Peking University [2011-2012]

   -      “Excellent Medical Student”, Peking University [2011-2012]

   -       “Outstanding Medical Student”, Peking University [2011]

   -       The Challenge Cup of National Undergraduate-Golden Award, Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, China Association for Science and Technology. [2009-2010]




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