Johan Wilhelm Mustad

  • Orthopedic registrar

TWIST Study  -  Total Wrist Implant Stability Trial

We plan to recruit 30 patients already opereted with the ReMotion or Motec prosthesis’ from a previous study conducted by Dr Holm-Glad. The patients will be recruited from an ongoing RSA study, as they are now nearing 10 years of survival.

We aim to investigate the total wrist arthroplasties using CT modality as this will allow the clinician to measure the stability of the wrist arthroplasty implant. This will firstly provide a fast answer valuable for clinical diagnostics and secondly open for comparative evaluation over time in implant safety studies as requested by Medical Device Regulations (MDR).


Wrist Replacement Report 2024  NAR Collaboration Project

Does the new generation of wristimplant designs have better longevity than previous designs?

We will query the Norwegian Arthroplasty Registry (NAR) database for implanted total wrist arthroplasties performed in total. An analysis of the revision rate and reoperation rate will then be performed, looking at the new design additions since the last paper written in 2011.

We aim to make an update concerning the new designs looking at reoperation and revision rates.

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