Lars Engseth

  • Orthopedic registrar, Oslo university hospital; PhD-student
  • 412 54 136

Curriculum Vitae Lars Engseth

Name: Lars Engseth
Address: Trosterudveien 1F

Phone: 412 54 136


Lars Engseth graduated MD from NTNU, Tronheim, Norway, in 2012. Currently he is working as a resident at Oslo University Hospital, Ullevål, in the department of orthopedic traumatology. He is married and has 2 small children. Outside of work he likes to be active, and is a former national champion in golf and has represented Norway in the European Championship team competition. In recent years he has done more cross country skiing and running.



2015 – 2021: Registrar in the Orthopedic Department, Lillehammer Hospital

2014 – 2015: Doctor In the Norwegian Army for the Special Forces
2012 - 2014: Internship at Orkdal Hospital, St. Olavs Trondheim and Alvdal commune

2012: Registrar in the Emergency Department, Skadelegevakt, St.Olavs Hospital, Trondheim

2011: Registrar in the National Competence Centre for Complex Symptom Disorders


Planned studies:

1.      Multiple needle plier: a novel device for ligament balancing in TKA

2.      Dynamic RSA measures in Medacta TKA

3.      RSA measures 5-year follow-up in Medacta TKA

4.      RSA vs CT in uncemented Medacta TKA



Stephan M. Röhrl

Start: 2020



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