Identification of novel Cdk1 targets

Aberrant CDK activity underpins the proliferation of tumor cells, underscoring the importance of CDK and cell cycle research. However, the substrates of Cdk1 that execute the various cell cycle processes are poorly defined, despite a wealth of knowledge about the upstream regulation of Cdk1. Approximately 75 Cdk1 targets have been identified in S. cerevisiae, which is thought to be only a fraction of the total number of Cdk1 targets (1,2). These Cdk1 targets are by far insufficient to explain the enormous complexity in regulation of all the processes involved in cell duplication.

We are making use of an integrated approach to identify novel Cdk1 substrates. This approach combines data from mass-spectrometry studies, bioinformatics, genetics and biochemical studies. using this approach we have identified a large set of potential Cdk1 substrates. We are currently studying a selection of these putative Cdk1 substrates in more detail.



1. Ubersax et al, Nature. 2003 Oct 23;425(6960):859-64

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