Welcome to Srdjan Djurovic's research group: Psychiatric Molecular Genetics Group

Srdjan DjurovicGroup leader
Srdjan Djurovic
Group leader

The goal of the Psychiatric Molecular Genetics Group at the Department of Medical Genetics is to develop a strong research environment in molecular genetics of psychiatric disorders. The group is part of the Norwegian Centre for Mental Disorders Research, Centre of Excellence (NORMENT), which is a major collaborative effort studying clinical characteristics, neurocognitive functioning and brain biology of psychotic disorders. The group’s current research aims are to perform molecular genetic analysis to increase the knowledge and expertise in psychiatric genetics and genomics and to identify the molecular networks underlying psychiatric disease as well as to continually develop an organization to support psychiatric genetic and stem cell studies with design and planning. We aim to further elucidation of deep molecular phenotyping and functional studies, by use of stem cells/cellular modeling systems.

Psychiatric Molecular Genetics Group 2021


Research projects:

  • Human induced pluripotent stem cell (hiPSC) technologies in psychiatric molecular genetics
  • Identification of the hidden heritability of severe mental disorders
  • Identifying the polygenic basis of the human brain and neurodevelopmental disorders
  • Prediction of longitudinal outcome and brain phenotype by polygenic scores
  • Identification of genetic loci associated with neurocognitive and MR phenotypes and implications for disease mechanisms in severe mental disorders
  • Cooperation and biobanking with the national cohorts and further collaboration with other large-scale studies for validation and QC steps

Contact information:
Group Leader Srdjan Djurovic, Department of Medical Genetics, Tel: +47 22119890
E-mail: srdjan.djurovic@medisin.uio.no