Welcome to Srdjan Djurovic's research group: Psychiatric Molecular Genetics Group

Srdjan DjurovicGroup leader
Srdjan Djurovic
Group leader

The goal of the Stem Cells and Mechanisms / Psychiatric Molecular Genetics Group at the Department of Medical Genetics is to obtain more knowledge on the molecular genetics of psychiatric disorders through a strong multidisciplinary research environment. The group is part of Norwegian Centre for Mental Disorders (NORMENT, Norwegian Centre of Excellence, https://www.med.uio.no/norment/english/) - a major collaborative effort studying clinical characteristics, neurocognitive functioning, genetics and brain biology of psychotic disorders.



The group’s current research aims are to:

  • to perform molecular genetic analysis to increase the knowledge and expertise in psychiatric genetics and genomics
  • to identify the molecular networks underlying psychiatric disorders
  • to continually develop an organization to support psychiatric genetic and stem cell studies with design and planning and experiments.
  • to continuously foster new ideas 

Research projects:

  • Human induced pluripotent stem cell (hiPSC) technologies in psychiatric molecular genetics
  • Neuro-immune interactions
  • Identifying the polygenic basis of the human brain and neurodevelopmental disorders
  • Understanding the function of ANK3 in psychotic disorders
  • Identifying mechanisms of rare variants in population level brain imaging genetics for clinical subtyping in neurodevelopmental disorders
  • Prediction of longitudinal outcome and brain phenotype by polygenic risk scores
  • Genetics of neuropsychopharmaceutics
  • Cooperation and biobanking with the national cohorts and further collaboration with other large-scale studies for validation and QC steps

Contact information:
Group Leader Srdjan Djurovic, Department of Medical Genetics, Tel: +47 22 11 98 90
E-mail: srdjan.djurovic@medisin.uio.no