INTRAKS – Indication and treatment of adult kyphoscoliosis Midtermevaluation by Vinjar Brenna- Hansen

Midtermevaluation for Phd at the University of Bergen for the candidate Vinjar Brenna Hansen. Supervisors are Stephan Röhrl, Christian Hellum and Ove Nord Furnes.


from left: Oliver Grundnes, Vinjar Brenna-Hansen, Chrisitan Hellum 

at Oslo University Hospital.


The comittee from the University of Bergen participating over Zoom:

Jan Erik Gjertsen upper left



Mainsupervisor Stephan Röhrl in front.

fom left: Oliver Grundnes, Vinjar Brenna- Hansen and Christian Hellum 

Congratulations Alexander Nilsskog Fraser !

We congratulate Alexander Nilsskog Fraser with his exellent desertation on his thesis:

“Reverse total shoulder arthroplasty in the operative treatment of displaced proximal humeral fractures” for the degree of PhD (Philosophiae Doctor). 

He also had a very nice triallecture on the topic:

“Limitations of current methods in orthopaedic research and how they might be solved”

Many thanks to the committee:

First opponent: Consultant Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeon, Simon Lambert, University College London Hospital, UK

Second opponent: Orthopaedic Surgeon/Ass. Professor Theis Muncholm Thillemann, Aarhus Universitetshospital, Denmark

Third member and chair of the evaluation committee: Professor Inger Holm, Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo

Professor II, Anne Eskild, University of Oslo, chair of the defence. 


Early bird registration deadline is February 1st

Congratulation Lars Engseth- winner of best abstract NFHKK 2022

Lars Engseth received the award for best abstract from NFHKK, at the Norwegian Orthopaedic Society annual meeting in Oslo, together with a proud supervisor Stephan Röhrl. 



CIRROmeeting with SECTRA September 2022

PhD- student Lars Engseth presenting data from precision comparison on CTMA vs. RSA. 

CIRRO groupmembers inkluding radiologist Johan C. Hellund, radiographs, orthopedic surgeons, inkluding Jeanette Hamstad, Kjersti Kaul Jensen (Lovisenberg).From SECTRA: Olof Sandberg and Peter Mattsson.

PhD- student Jan Magnus Poulsen and head of CIRRO Stephan Röhrl.

Dinner and networking !

left side: Frank David Øhrn ( Kristiansund hosptial) , Peder Thoen (Tønsberg hospital) , Jeanette Hamstad (OUS), Olof Sandberg ( SECTRA). 

right side: Anselm Schulz, Stephan Röhrl, Marte T. Magnusson, Peter Mattsson ( SECTRA), Jan Magnus Poulsen, Mona Risdal, Alexis Hinojosa all from OUS. 

Congratulations Peder Svenkerud Thoen !