Centre for Eye Research

From left to right: Liv DrolsumMorten Carstens MoeAgate Noer, Geir Aksel Qvale, Aboulghassem ShahdadfarYolanda Lorenzo Corrales, Mazyar Yazdani, Giang Huong Nguyen, Linn Lillevold, Hanne Hvatum Sweeney, Lotte-Guri Bogfjellmo Sten, ?, ?, Marius DalbyGoran PetrovskiOlav KristianslundKirankumar KattaJovana Bisevac, Nina Charlotte Veiby, ?, Richárd Nagymihály, Dragana Drobnjak Nes, Gunhild Falleth Sandvik, Marianne Råen, Bjørn Nicolaissen (March 2018).

Professor Goran Petrovski is head of the Center. We have wide experience in tissue- and cell culture procedures, as well as a range of analytical procedures including ultrastructural- (electron microscopy), immunohistochemical-, and molecular biological- analyses. Presently, our clinic has the only Program in Scandinavia, for transplantation of ex vivo generated ocular tissue for anterior segment surgery, including autologous transplantation of limbal stem cells performed by Professor Liv Drolsum and conjunctival tissue performed by consultant oculoplastic surgeon Dag Krohn-Hansen.

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