Genomic Alterations in Cancer

The research group was founded in 2018 and aims at defining, refining and implementing molecular classification and biomarker analyses, to improve stratification of cancer patients into treatment-relevant groups. We are addressing the impact of inter- and intra-tumor heterogeneity, as well as host response on disease progression, response to therapy and patient outcome. The group has a special focus on breast cancer, but is also exploring molecular features across tumor types. As co-PI/partners in several clinic trials we perform “state of the art” analyses of patient material, both on bulk tumors, single cells and liquid biopsies, at various stages of the disease. Hege G. Russnes is also a senior consultant at the Dept. of Pathology, OUS where she is head of “Section for experimental pathology and research support”, a lab developing and performing molecular diagnostics for clinical trials. In 2019 this Section has coordinated “Infrastructure for Precision Diagnostics, cancer” at the national level.

Gruppe-bilde forbedret

Upper panel from left: Ole Christian Lingjærde, Anita Langerød, Inger Riise Bergheim, Hege G. Russnes, Karin T. Lande, Inga H. Rye, Arne V. Pladsen

Lower panel from left: Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale (affiliated member), Lars Ottestad (affiliated member), Julie Monrad, Marit O. Fjørtoft